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Hello, my name is Jonny.
I am
a UX Designer. an Information Architect. a UX Researcher. a Problem Solver.

I design digital experiences that are thoughtful and create simple solutions to complex problems.
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I'm a UX Designer with a passion for solving real problems for real people. I enjoy being able to contribute to projects by conducting research, facilitating user-tests and designing solutions. I've worked at large corporations and smaller agencies, across multiple types of projects, and with different clients in a range of industries. I've learned through my experience that collaboration is a big deal. 

My main goal is to build products that feel effortless to use and are meaningfully made. I love getting the chance to enhance the way a person feels when they use a product or service. 

I have a passion for photography and spend most of my free time riding bikes or in the kitchen. In my previous life I worked with developing and designing email campaigns and landing pages using HTML/CSS. I'm always excited to get the opportunity to bring my passions and experience to future projects.

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p: 612.239.4335